Zeagle Rear Weight System 20 lbs can be added to any Zeagle BC

by Zeagle
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  • These are great add-ons to BC's like the Zeagle Brigade, if you need to carry a lot of weight and want to distribute it around.
  • Rear weight pockets that nestle up to 10 pounds in each pocket, right next to your tank.
  • Those who are doing cold diving and have to wear a lot of lead appreciate these as it lets you distribute the weight around so you can balance out your trim.
  • The general rule of thumb, is put 30% of your lead in the back - 70% in the front pockets, but experiment to find the best balance for you.
  • Sold as a pair - and have an emergency release on the bottom of each pocket, a zipper on the top to add the weights.

  • Available as a pair, the 20lb capacity Rear Weight System is found on most of Zeagle's Heavy Duty BCs and can be added to any Zeagle BC that does not come with them. Mounting at the bottom tank band the pockets are dumpable from the bottom and loaded from the zippered top opening. Each pocket holds up to 10lbs of weight.