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XS Scuba 37 lbs Single Wing

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  • 360º full circle design allows quick left/right gas transfer. 4 cam slots allow direct attachment to cylinder with nylon cam bands
  • Built with internal loops for optional bungee retraction. “Old School” tech inflator, center point attachment
  • Elliptical corrugated hose to reduce drag. 25” Miflex quick-disconnect hose (Carbon color)
  • Three sets of 11” (280 mm) centered grommets. Grommets made from heavy nickel-plated brass
  • Strong 210D nylon bladder. Cover built from 1000d nylon cordura. Right or left side OPV

  • Since there is no one wing that is perfect for both single cylinders and twin cylinders, Highland offers both. The Highland wings are built strong, using the best fabrics and materials. The designs are well thought out, incorporating features to enhance safety and convenience. Highland wings are versatile and cross-compatible so that they easily adapt to other brands of back plates and harnesses.

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