Tilos Fantasia Mask / Orion Snorkel

by Tilos
  • Two-window design with small upper joint for bright and clear view. Quick-adjust strap buckle
  • Dual tempered glass lenses. Packaged in durable mask box for easy storage after use
  • Compatible with COM250 Corrective Lens and COMB250 Gauge Reader Corrective Lens
  • The orion snorkel is designed to provide completely dry breathing for both divers and snorkelers. Prompt clearing through bottom drain valve
  • Quick release adjustable snorkel keeper. Ergonomic shape ideal for snorkeling. Child sized soft PVC mouthpiece

  • The Fantasia has been a best selling mask for years because of it's versatility. Fits a wide range of faces and is corrective lens compatible. Please message us at support@tilos.com if you choose to purchase your mask with prescription or bifocal lens with your preferred diopter strength. Full lens prescription available in Diopters -8.0 to +3.0. Bifocal lens available in +1.75, +2.25 and +2.75. The Orion Dry snorkel has a streamline dry top which keeps water out in choppy surface conditions. The orthoware mouthpiece reduces jaw fatigue and the bottom purge valve makes clearing this snorkel easy.