SeaLife Sea Dragon Mini Fluoro Underwater Light

by SeaLife
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  • 7 watt/m² brightness at full power with a CREE XT-E Royal Blue LED
  • One button control for easy operation - one button to power light on/off and cycle through three brightness levels
  • Three brightness levels: 100%, 50% and 25%. 120 minute burn time at full power and constant brightness
  • Depth rated to 330 feet/100 meters. 14° spot beam for long rand viewing (10.5° underwater)
  • Quick-release button to detach light and aim in crevices and hard to reach areas

  • It’s easy to see underwater Fluorescence with the new Sea Dragon Mini Fluoro. The Sea Dragon Mini Fluoro Underwater Fluoro Light’s royal blue LED emits a blue light combined with a finely tuned and proprietary dichroic filter that pinpoints the exact light wavelength to get the highest energy response from the underwater plant or creature for an amazing underwater light show.