SEAC P-Synchro DIN Regulator

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  • First stage with downstream piston, excellent performance with sturdy reliability
  • Second stage lever with an asymetric design allows maximum opening of the valve and improves deep-water-performance
  • Second stage lever with a Dive/Pre-Dive double phase to allow optimal management of the Venturi effect
  • Respiratory exertion at 50 msw and 50 barg: 0.91 J/l RINA Certifications for Cold Water CE EN 250 2000.
  • Large rubber cover for allowing manual purging even with gloves.

  • First stage body material: polished chrome-plated brass • Second stage body material: ultralight technopolymers • HP Ports: 1 • LP ports: 4 • First stage features: compressed-piston • Second stage features: made using ultralight technopolymers, option to regulate the Venturi effect.