SEAC Motus Camo Long Soft Powerful Free Diving Spearfishing Fins

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  • Innovative free diving fins available in black or blue camouflage or green camouflage
  • Comfortable full foot pocket. Fins can be worn barefoot or using neoprene socks.
  • Interchangeable blade made from a special technopolymer that maximizes flexibility and reactivity
  • 22-degree angle between blade and foot optimizes thrust power with less effort
  • Hard thermoplastic rubber foot pocket with dual material density

  • Model: interchangeable blade fin with closed foot pocket. Foot pocket material: made in two materials with different densities. Hard thermoplastic rubber for the sole and ribs, and soft around the foot to optimize the comfort/performance ratio. Blade material: special technopolymer with a formula that emphasizes the flexibility and responsiveness of the blade. The special brown, green, red and blue camouflage effect is achieved using ICS (injection color system) technology.