SEAC Bounty Inflatable Gangway Boat

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  • Materials: Heavy Duty PVC in high visibility orange
  • Large covered forepeak pocket, velcro fastening, 2 D-rings and 1 mesh pocket for accessories.
  • 3 PVC air chambers, each independent for maximum safety.
  • Ride-On-Top while Holding Sturdy Plastic Covered Webbing Bow Handles for Stability
  • 4 D-rings under the keel to pull or anchor additional equipment

  • Inflatable board designed to accompany fishermen to their destination. Allows you to easily get where you’re going and carry your extra equipment. You can also use it when you need to rest. Material: Heavy Duty PVC in high-visibility orange. Structure: large covered forepeak compartment, Velcro closure, 2 D-rings, and a mesh accessories pocket. 3 PVC air chambers. Each is independent to ensure maximum safety. The central chamber specifically is used for floating while the diver rests or moves. 4 D-rings under the keel for towing or anchoring additional equipment. 4 elastic side straps for fastening shafts and/or spearguns. 2 fabric handles on the bow covered with plastic tubing. 1 Alpha bow flag. Dimensions: 80×55 cm.