SEAC Action High Resistance Computer

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  • Wrist-mounted diving computers For scuba and freediving. Easy to use. Scuba, gauge and freediving mode. Improved resistance. Lcd screen with contrast and adjustable-intensity backlighting. Long-lasting CR2450 battery.
  • Alarms: mod, deco stop, ascent. Ndl only dive planner.
  • Gauge mode: depth gauge and stopwatch for managing your dive profiles independently.
  • Free diving mode: dive/surface time, current/maximum depth. Logbook memory, 18 hours of activity with Records every 2”
  • Dive Manager software for Mac/PC (requires windows 10), Available free of charge at seacsub. Download data via USB cable (sold separately).

  • Seac Action HR, High Resistance Dive Computer with Scuba and Freediving Mode, Dive Logbook, Dive Planner, Safety Alarms