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Oceanic Pro Pus 3 Deluxe Scuba Diving Hose Computer with QD and Compass and USB Cable

by Oceanic
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  • Patented Air Time Remaining algorithm provides extremely accurate time based on current depth and your personal air consumption
  • Dual Algorithm, Custom alarms, Quick disconnect
  • SmartGlo� Backlighting, Fresh water and salt water calibrations, 3 gases - NX to 100%
  • Deep stop, Adjustable safety stop settings
  • Log saves detailed dive data for last 50 dives, Data Retention - maintains calculations indefinitely when the battery is changed

  • Dive computers are supposed to deliver crucial data quickly and without confusion. We agree. That's why the new Pro Plus 3 combines a huge display area, the largest most legible digits on the market and an intuitive user interface with major feature enhancements. See it for yourself.

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