Neosport 5/3mm Neoprene SCUBA Diving Bibbed & Vented Hood

by Neosport
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  • SLEEK: Flow Vent™ to minimize ballooning
  • QUALITY: Premium neoprene material
  • NO MORE CRUMPLY SHOULDERS: Large bib in thinner material
  • COMFORT: Trimable skin material face seal
  • DURABLE: Glued and sewn seams

  • These 5/3mm Neoprene SCUBA diving hoods from Neosport make sure cold weather and deep waters can't stop you from finding epic adventures. With an anatomical design and a face seal that can be trimmed to create a custom fit, your best pig-in-a-blanket look and warmth will be achieved. And since nothing is worse than filling your head with nothing but hydrogen and oxygen, the Trademarked Flow Vent will happily see the excess water out, keeping you warm.