Laundry Bag Urban Rucksack American Crafted Heavy Duty Mesh Laundry Backpack

by Lancaster Scuba Center
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  • Not a cheap flimsy laundry bag, it is an American Crafted Heavy Duty Mesh Laundry Bag
  • Strongly stitched padded Backpack Straps make it easy to transport 2-3 loads at a time
  • Side Zipper (pictured in photo 2) allows you to acsses the bottom of the bag easily and a Sturdy Loop allows it to be a hanging laundry bag
  • Drawstring Keeps the bag synched shut so you do not loose any of your delicate unmentionables
  • Front Pocket has more than enough room for your laundry detergent and dryer sheets so you can get the job done right

  • This is not a cheap dainty laundry bag, this is he Urban Rucksack. A heavy duty mesh drawstring laundry backpack built to take a beating. Look at the pictures to see some of the testing we put the bag through in our lab. It can hold quite a heavy load of laundry. We developed the Urban Rucksack after 4 years of college and more than 20 inferior laundry bags destroyed. This bad boy (or Girl) is built to last.