Dive Rite Hose Clip Retainer, Snap & Clip

by Dive Rite
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  • The Hose Clip Retainer replaces the need for cable ties, O-rings or cave line to attach clips to regulator and SPG hoses
  • Simply pass the bungee through the clip opening, around the hose, and over the tab.
  • This connection is secure but can still be easily removed for re-configuring.

  • If you don’t have the time or patience for tying knots then, the Hose Clip Retainer is the solution. This re-usable bungee with tab can be used to secure a bolt snap to a hose, a gauge or a light. Simply thread the bungee loop through the eyelet of a snap, stretch around the hose, and bring the bungee loop over the tab. Keep a dozen of these in your dive kit; you’ll be surprised how quickly your dive buddies “borrow” them never to return.