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Cressi Drake Titanium Freediving Computer

by Cressi
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  • Drake is a watch computer designed specifically for the needs of free divers
  • Current and maximum depth of the dive, Dive time in minutes and seconds. Dual time
  • Depth alarms, Time alarms,
  • Recovery time in minutes and seconds between one dive and another, Ratio between recovery time and freediving time
  • Dive logbook able to save 500 progressively numbered dives, History with the total number of dives, depth, and maximum duration.

  • Drake is a watch computer designed specifically for the needs of free divers. This device must therefore only be considered an aid to free diving for people carefully prepared to the risks this activity entails. It must be used then, only and exclusively, when the user has a complete theoretical and practical training on the techniques of free diving and its dangers. Underwater diving, if not performed with proper preparation (both physical and theoretical) involves risks. One of them is to incur in the neurological syndrome of TARAVANA which is a particular form of Decompression Illness due to several factors Dealerd with an accumulation of nitrogen (This syndrome is still under study and its causes are not known exactly. It is therefore recommended to deepen your knowledge by consulting updated and current texts of underwater medicine). It is a disease that is known since the 40s and that affected the Polynesian pearl divers (the term TARAVANA means madness). The cause can be summed up in an intense and excessive activity of diving with duration of at least 4/5 hours, at great depths or in the range of -12/-18m and with very short surface intervals. To avoid this syndrome, it is recommended to make surface intervals or recovery times much longer than the diving times, to be perfectly hydrated and always provide an appropriate energy recovery. To help the diver to keep a proper relationship between the diving time and the recovery time, Drake has a special function that can store the multiplier of diving time (TR Time Ratio) desired by the underwater and display the resulting recovery time that will be indicated by the acronym RRT (Recommended Recovery Time).

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