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Cressi AC10V / Master Cromo Regulator [INT]

by Cressi
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  • FIRST STAGE technical features: - Balanced piston, 2 7/16” HP outlet UNF, 5 3/8” LP outlet UNF - Working pressure: 230 bar (INT connection), 300 bar (DIN connection) - Calibration pressure: 9.8÷10 bar - 360° revolving head - Realized in copper-coated, nickel and chromium plated brass - The sintered conical filter protect from any impurity
  • SECOND STAGE technical features: - Pneumatically balanced - Adjustable Venturi. Adjustable inhalation effort - Patented elliptical diaphragm. Patented low-friction lever - Air delivery system without injector - Adjuster knob coated with PVD process with dual OR - Laser-etched titanium front piece
  • Average Cracking effort 3.5 mbar. Average breathing effort 0.6 J/l
  • JACKETED HOSE: extremely light and flexible weight: 153 gr (0.34 lb)
  • CERTIFICATION: EN250/2014 for cold water

  • The low pressure ports are located on a rotating turret that ensures that regulator and instrument connections are always in the right position. The rotating turret swivels on 360° axis and features five low-pressure ports designed to allow the use of more connections without interfering between them. The air passages are enlarged to allow for peaks performance of 2,700 liters/minute (95 cu ft/minute). The conical filter has a large surface area and allows 200% more air flow than standard models. It's easy to change from DIN to INT, both 200 and 300 bar. Its technologically advanced design delivers consistent intermediate pressure and high performance even with low tank pressures.

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