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Gear Up Guide Cone/Conical Shape Latex Wrist Seal

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  • Sold as a pair. Can be mounted directly to Drysuit.
  • Make sure hand is relaxed. Take measurement around the wrist bone to capture widest measurement.
  • Can be trimmed to fit. Highly flexible and has a long lifespan. Manufactured with quality Latex rubber material
  • Always rinse latex products with fresh water after each dive - to remove sand and prevent salt crystals to form. The best care for all latex products that are exposed to oil, human body fat and sweat is to wash thoroughly in lukewarm soap water, rinse and dust with talcum powder. Avoid heat and sunlight exposure. Store in a dark and cool environ ment.

  • The Cone or Conical style wrist seal has a tapered cone shape. The cone shaped design is ideal if you have thin wrists or a standard seal leaks when you grab and hold something (causing the tendons to become very prominent at your wrist.) They are available in a variety of sizing options depending on your wrist size Replace a leaky seal to maintain a warm, dry and safe suit - don't let a leaky drysuit ruin your dives! This high quality, inexpensive replacement part can have your suit working like new!

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