Billetworkz Short Throw Shifter Kit for 2015-21 and 2022 WRX

by Billetworkz
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  • Improve your shifting experience with our Short Throw Shifter Kit! 55% overall shift reduction!
  • Includes Short Throw Shifter - Reduces shifter throw (shortest on the market) while making shifts more comfortable and ergonimic. Multiple Reverse Lockout color options.
  • Includes Shifter Stop - Reduces side to side shifter slop in 1st and 2nd gear.
  • Includes Shifter Plate - Reduces shifter throw and improves shifter feel with heavier design (825g).
  • Includes Shifter Bushing - Eliminates loose and sloppy shifter feel.

  • Purchase our 2015-21 and 2022 WRX Short Throw Shifter Kit to reduce the shifter throw by 55%! Our Short Shifter features the shortest shifts compared to all other 2015-21 and 2022 WRX Short Shifters on the market. We also designed our Short Shifter to be more comfortable and ergonomic than others (no hitting your hand on the e-brake handle when shifting into second). The included Reverse Lockout is CNC machined from 6061 and anodized for a vibrant and durable finish. The Shifter Rod is machined from 304 SS. SS Hardware is included. We also include o-rings in the reverse lockout assembly to eliminate rattle (o-rings will need to be lubricated). The Shifter Stop is designed to eliminate lateral shifter movement in 1st and 2nd gear. Our Shifter Plate replaces the OEM shifter plate that mounts to the side of the transmission. It is designed to be heavier than stock to make shifts smoother. The Shifter Bushing is designed to make shifts crisp by eliminating the overall loose and sloppy shifter feel. All four of these components will greatly improve your shifting experience! Designed and manufactured in the USA. Will not fit STI.