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Bigblue TL4800PC Technical Canister Light

by Bigblue
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  • Light Source: 4 X XML LED
  • Light Output: 480 Lm (Level I), 1200 Lm (Level II), 2400 Lm (Level III), 4800 Lm (Level IV)
  • Maximum Depth: 100 M tested. Casing Material: Aluminum alloy, anti-corrosive anodized. Safety Designs: Double o-ring sealed
  • Power Source: 32650X4 Canister. Burn Time: 7 hrs (Level IV), 14 hrs (Level III), 28 (Level II), 70 hrs (Level I)
  • Angle Of Light Beam: 10º Narrow Beam. Color Temperature: 6500K

  • The 4800 lumens canister light has a concentrated 10 degree beam that makes this light perfect for technical applications. The redesigned ultra-slim battery canister allows for a more streamlined diving experience while extending burn times ranging from 7-70 hours! The new slim fit Goodman handle, along with battery & charger, and lantern style handle are all included. Sidemount 90 degree cable is sold separately.

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