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Atomic Aquatics SS1 Safe Second Stainless for Scuba Diving

by Atomic
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Color: Red
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  • High-Flow LP Hose & Disconnect - The high-flow, low pressure disconnect is interchangeable with many other models yet smaller size and lighter in weight.
  • Multi-Configuration Adaptability - The first product of its kind adaptable to a wide variety of BCD hoses and sizes. Can be fitted to virtually any make or model BCD.
  • Ergonomic Controls - Large oversized and ergonomically-shaped buttons are easy to find for pneumatic or oral inflation/deflation.
  • Low-Profile Elliptical Design - The elliptically-shaped body lies flat against the BCD keeping it out of the way and reducing drag.
  • Unique & Convenient BCD Quick-Disconnect System - This feature gives you the option to remove the SS1 from the jacket for transport with your regulator system or use on another BC.

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