Aqua Lung Titan Classic Scuba Diving Regulator Yoke

by Aqua Lung
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  • First Stage: Uses a balanced-diaphragm mechanism resulting in ease-of-breathing and consistent performance while environmentally protecting the internal parts
  • The first stage is T-shaped making it more compact and providing optimal hose routings
  • Features 2 HP ports and 4 MP ports
  • Second Stage: Mid-size, high performance demand valve second stage
  • Easy-to-grip venturi knob stops unwanted freeflow when the regulator is out of your mouth. Comes with Aqua Lung�s Comfo-bite� mouthpiece which reduces jaw fatigue

  • The Titan regulator continues to be the mainstay of the dive industry. It offers innovative features resulting in comfortable, easy breathing. For the consumer that wants performance at an affordable price or the dive center that wants a rugged and easy to maintain regulator, the Titan delivers.